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Michelle Smith Scott has built a legal career helping people in the courtroom as a lawyer and former judge. Michelle's law practice focuses on employment law, personal injury, small claims, consumer law and other civil legal cases. Michelle also handles appeals.  Michelle devotes her time to her family and church and is an avid photographer and sports fan.

Michelle Smith Scott is qualified and experienced to answer many legal questions. Legal matters often require analysis and critical planning at every stage. Michelle Scott offers services from the early stage before a lawsuit is filed to the later stage of appeal.

Areas of Law

Employment Law:

- Discrimination (Race, Gender, Color, National Origin, Religion, Age, Disability, Pregnancy)
- Harassment
- ADA Compliance & Accommodation
- FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)
- EEOC Charges/ Federal Lawsuits
- Suspension
- Demotion
- Termination
- Retaliation

Personal Injury:

- Car Accidents
- Slip and Fall
- Other Injuries

Small Claims:

- Landlord-Tenant/Eviction
- Property Damage
- Security Deposit/Lease Violations
- Utility Shutoff/Lockout
- Constructive Eviction
- Small Business Disputes

Divorce Cases:

- Uncontested
- With or Without Children

Other Civil Cases:

- Business Law
- Secretary of State Filing
- Business Formation
- Consumer Litigation
- Appeals
- Local, State & Federal Civil Cases

Legal Background:
- Private Law Practice - current
- Legal Consultant, CLE Seminars - current
- Small Claims Court Judge - 14 years (pro tem 6, elected 8)
- EEOC Federal Attorney - 3 years
- Juvenile Public Defender - 1 year
- Social Security Disability Attorney - 1 year
- Legal Researcher & Trainer - 1 year
Northwestern University, B.S. Communication Studies, Minor, Political Science (1990)
Indiana University Robert McKinney School of Law, J.D., Minor, Employment Law (1994)
Contact Information:
Michelle Smith Scott
Communication & Law
120 E. Market St., Suite 305
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 371-3667
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