Other Civil Law

Helping People Resolve Disputes

Michelle Smith Scott practices law in other civil law areas. Many legal questions can be answered through an initial phone consultation.  

Michelle also makes referrals to other qualified lawyers in many areas of law.  If you are looking for an attorney in the Indiana area, please call for legal help or a referral.


Personal Injury:
- Car Accidents
- Slip and Fall
- Other Injuries

Small Claims Court:
- Landlord-Tenant/Eviction
- Property Damage
- Security Deposit/Lease Violations
- Utility Shutoff/Lockout
- Constructive Eviction
- Small Business Disputes

Divorce Cases:
- Uncontested
- With or Without Children

Business Law:
- Secretary of State Filing
- Business Formation
- Document Review
- Consumer Litigation
- Local, State & Federal Civil Cases


For help with civil legal issues or a referral, contact Michelle Scott at (317) 371-3667 or msmithscott@aol.com.

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